Facility Access Systems

VoIP Enabled Video Doorbell Security

Facility Access Systems control and log access to your facility. Employees and authorized personnel gain access by using key fob, key card, or code. Visitors can press the doorbell button to ring a pre-defined extension or phone number - or, provide a directory and allow dialing any extension directly!.

The GDS-3710 takes a snapshot picture upon access. The GDS-3710 works best with GVX-3275/3370/3380 Video Phones, but will also work with less expensive GXP-2140,2160,2170 — it displays a video of who is at the door, provides two-way communication, and provides a button on the phone to push that opens the electronic door-strike providing entry for visitors (requires installation of an electronic door strike).


VoIP/Video Facility Access

Grandstream GXV-3275

Android w/VoIP Video Calling

Grandstream DS-3705

VoIP Facility Access System