Desk/Wall Phones

POE Powered With Gigabit Ethernet Pass-Thru

The Grandstream GXP line of digital VoIP phones provide a breadth of features to cover the most basic single line home phone or business common area, to the more sophisticated executive power user requiring multiple lines, or the receptionist needing lots of speed-dial BLF buttons for quick access for answering & forwarding calls in a busy office.

All of these phones have dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and can be powered over Ethernet (POE+) to provide both the phone connection and a data/Internet connection to an attached PC. One Cat5 cable supports both devices which saves on cabling costs and provides a cleaner installation - for home, or office.

Grandstream GXP-1625

2-Line Basic VoIP Phone

Grandstream GXP-1628

2-Line w/8 speed-dial BLF

Grandstream GXP-1630

3-Line w/8 speed-dial BLF

Grandstream GXP-2130

3-Line Color Display

Grandstream GXP-2140

4-Line Color Display

Grandstream GXP-2160

6-Line w/24 speed-dial BLF

Grandstream GXP-2170

12-Line Color Display

Grandstream GXP-2200EXT

22 speed-dial BLF