Unified Communications


Say What?

Say "boom-ya"

Included free with any monthly phone service from 775.FYI, BOOMEA is a business-class Unified Communications application that improves efficiency and enhances intra-company and external communications.

BOOMEA provides integrated services including:

    • Telephony Controls - for access to commonly used and advanced telephone features.

    • Group Collaboration (Chat) - similar to Microsoft Teams or Slack, provides direct, private and public group messaging - secure and encrypted.

    • Company Directory - for easy access to contact co-workers.

    • Presence Groups - customized lists of co-workers shows who is on the phone or available.

    • Click-to-Call / Message - one click to contact your co-workers with a call or a message.

    • Contacts Integration - optionally integrates with all your existing Outlook or Google contacts.

    • Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing - conduct web meetings securely across the Internet through a web browser or BOOMEA app.

Group Collaboration (Chat)

BOOMEA's Group Collaboration (Chat) features are secure and private! Utilizing encryption and private cloud data storage ensures privacy and complete protection of sensitive personal or company communications.

There are several types of "Chat Channels" that can be used within BOOMEA including:

    • Public Channels

      • Accessible by everyone in the organization

    • Private Channels

      • User-created & managed channels, accessible by invitation-only

    • Direct Messages

      • User-to-user, accessible by only the ONE user you directly message

Other features include support for:

    • File Attachments - share important documents or pictures relevant to the channel type

    • Emoji's - similar to social media emojis, these are small graphic elements that can be used, for example smiley's or thumbs up!

Video Conferencing / Web Meetings

    • Video Conferencing from 1 to 30 participants (depending on the subscription plan)

    • Screen Sharing - any participant can share a window or their entire desktop screen with other participants

WebPhone Client

You wont even need a physical phone with WebPhone Client. Make and receive calls right within BOOMEA!

SMS/MMS Text Messaging

Send and receive SMS/MMS text messages right within BOOMEA!

Integrated Telephony Controls

    • Call History

      • Shows Caller-ID, Calling Number, Date & Time.

    • Call Routing

      • Choose how you want to route your incoming calls:

        • No Answer Route

        • Busy Route

        • Find Me / Follow Me

        • Time of Day

    • Quick Call

      • Dials up a call on your phone, from the web


    • Shows Caller-ID & Number, Date, Time, Duration, and ability to listen to a Voicemail by clicking on it!

Company Directory

    • Shows employee name & extension numbers, click-to-call/message

Presence Groups

    • Shows if co-workers are busy on the phone or available for a call

    • Create your own custom groupings (for example: Sales, Engineering, Service)

Contacts Integration

    • Brings all of your existing Outlook or Google contacts into BOOMEA for quick access (click-to-call, etc.)

Click-to-Call (or Message)

    • Find a co-worker or other contact, then simply click on them to place a call or to send a Direct Message

Video Conferencing / Web Meeting

Video Conferencing Controls

Screen Sharing

Join a Video Conference

BOOMEA Supported Devices

BOOMEA is an application that can run in any modern web browser window, or as a native application on a desktop or laptop computer, or as a native application on a smartphone or tablet! Employees can safely & securely communicate on virtually any device from any location, on any network.

BOOMEA for Web Browser

    • Firefox

    • Chrome

    • Safari

BOOMEA for Desktop/Laptop Computers

    • Windows

    • Macintosh

    • Linux

BOOMEA for Smartphone (or Tablet)

    • Apple iOS (App Store)

    • Android (Google Play Store)

Note: only Group Collaboration (Chat) is available on BOOMEA for Smartphone

Unlike "free" publicly available social media platforms like Facebook or Discord, BOOMEA stores no personally identifiable information and uses no targeted advertising gimmicks. You own your data; you own your privacy. Only people you authorize have an account to login to your BOOMEA instance.