Telephony Terminology

We Have Some Explaining To Do!

Unlimited Calling

    • Provides you with unlimited calling minutes for local & domestic long distance calls
    • As a precaution, International calling is blocked by default, but is available on request (contact us for current country-based rates)

Telephone Numbers

    • The standard North American Dial Plan is used consisting of Area Code-Exchange-Number e.g. 775-505-3123
    • If you're establishing service with us and already have a number, it can be "ported" so you can continue to use the same number with our service.
    • Most ANY area code is available - great for out-of-state friends & relatives as it gives them a "local" number to call

Phone Line (Trunk)

    • Provides a connection to the "Plain Old Telephone System" (POTS). Each phone line, or "Trunk", supports ONE call at a time. You can purchase as many phone lines (trunks) as you need to handle more calls.


    • When an incoming call appears on your phone, the system does a "CNAME dip/lookup", and if registered properly - the caller's name appears on the phone's screen.

E911 Address Registration

    • Required by law, this associates your phone number to a physical address that is registered with emergency responders so they may find you when you dial 911. To test your registration, you can dial 933 for verification!


    • If you're busy or don't answer, you can route your calls to a voicemail recording system. The caller leaves you a message and the system delivers you a notification that you have a message waiting (called the "message waiting lamp").

Voicemail to Email

    • Sends you an e-mail with an attached audio file of a voicemail recording.

Call Routing

    • Busy and no-answer routing
    • Time of Day routing
    • For multiple devices:
      • Find Me / Follow-Me
      • Choose which devices rings and for how long

Call Forwarding

    • At any time, you can have your calls forwarded to any other valid phone number. You can cancel this call forwarding at any time. These changes can be made directly on the phone, on the User Dashboard, or in BOOMEA.

Call History

    • The system keeps track of inbound & outbound calls and their duration. You can view this information on the phone, on the User Dashboard, or in BOOMEA

Music On Hold

    • Plays gentle, soothing music at a comfortable volume for when you place an active call on hold.

User Dashboard

    • A web-based portal you can log into in order to control your telephony features and view other information.

Activation Fee

    • Usually this is a small, one-time fee to perform setup & configuration of initial services

Additional Telephone Device

    • A secondary phone that uses the same number and line as the user's "primary" telephone device
    • Great for adding another phone located anywhere in your home or business
    • Add as many Additional Telephone Devices as you want
    • Cost of device not included; service only

Additional Telephone Number

    • Provides an additional phone number
    • Add as many numbers as you want
    • Different numbers can be assigned to ring the same or different phones, groups in order or round-robin, auto-attendant menu options, etc

Additional Phone Line (Trunk)

    • Provides support for multiple simultaneous calls, depending on the number of trunks
    • Enables features like 3-way conferencing calling, etc.

Casita Add-On

    • Supports a second Telephone Device with its own phone number & line!
    • Great for Kid's Room, Mother-In-Law quarters, the Guest House or Casita out back, or your AirBnB rental!

Call Center

    • Uses a queuing mechanism to route inbound calls to "agents" (employees) who are logged into the queue and available to take a call.
    • Agents can login, logout, or manually change status to unavailable or available.
    • Management and/or Agents can view real-time queue, agent, and call statistics.

Auto Attendant

    • Provides a caller with a recorded announcement and a menu tree of options, e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.
    • Calls are routed based on menu option chosen by caller

Video Conferencing Upgrade to 6 Participants

    • The standard FREE video conferencing that comes with all service plans allows you to video conference with 2 participants (yourself, plus one additional party).
    • This upgrade provides you with Video Conferencing for up to 6 participants!