501(c)(3) Nonprofit Program

New Desk Phones & Monthly Service

Optional 5-year Technology Refresh Program

Volume discounts available!

$19/mo for service, plus

$4/mo per desk phone

Features & Benefits

Your organization receives all of the same features & benefits of our Business Phone Service, plus:

  • New Desk Phones every 5 years

  • Free Conversion

  • Free Installation

  • Free setup of Automated Attendant Menus

  • Free Technical Support via email or phone

  • Free Onsite Service as needed, as available


We don't believe in complicated fine print. After five years under this program, it's simple -- just choose one of the following:

  1. Get brand new desk phones and continue service with us at the then current rates for this program.

  2. We will donate the phones to your organization. You keep using the phones and save the $4/mo per desk phone, and only pay for the monthly service at the then current rate.

  3. Return the desk phone(s) and cancel your service with us.

The finest fine print you will find...are you ready? We tried to make it small:

If at anytime you are not satisfied with our service, simply return the desk phones and cancel your service. 775.FYI is nonprofit friendly!

What If I Don't Need New Desk Phones?

This program is completely optional, and only available to IRS designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. If you already have compatible VoIP desk phones and don't want to take advantage of the 5-year technology refresh plan - you can still sign up for service at our low price of $19/mo per telephone device. As a nonprofit, you still get Free Conversion, Free Installation, Free setup of Automated Attendant Menus, Free Technical Support, and Free Onsite Service in our service territory.