Cordless VoIP Phones

DECT Solutions

Grandstream's DECT wireless technology uses 1920-1930MHz frequencies to provide interference-free wireless phone coverage up to 50 meters indoors and up to 400 meters outdoors (depending on the model). Base stations are connected to the network and support up to 10 SIP accounts and up to 5 handsets. For increased coverage, a DECT Repeater is available.

DECT Base Stations

Up to 10 SIP Accounts, up to 5 handsets.

Coverage up to 50m indoor / 400m outdoor.

1920-30MHz uses less-crowded frequencies than WiFi, thus minimizing interference.

Grandstream DP750

5 Handsets, 50m/300m

Grandstream DP752

5 handsets, 50m/400m

Grandstream DP756

Repeater, 2 calls 50m/300m

DECT Handets

Communicate with the base station.

Grandstream DP720

DECT Phone 50m/300m

Grandstream DP722

DECT Phone 50m/350m

Grandstream DP730

DECT Phone 50m/400m