Advanced Phone Services

Enabling More Sophisticated Telephony Features

Programming & Maintenance for Advanced Phone System Features

$75 per hour

Advanced support services are available to all 775.FYI phone service customers. Billable services include any adds/moves/changes, custom programming of advanced features like Auto-Attendant menus, voice-over announcement recordings, time-of-day or group routing, multicast paging, custom phone (re)programming of user buttons for speed-dial & BLF, etc.

"Simple additions or changes can often be completed in less than an hour. Heck, if it only takes us 5 minutes, why should we charge you $75? How does $5 sound?"

Daily Remote Monitoring, Management & Maintenance

$45 per month

We will monitor all your network/phone devices remotely every day to ensure they are all operational and notify you of any problems. This service includes all routine maintenance for software, firmware, or security updates that may occasionally be recommended by the manufacturer. Also included is any phone system maintenance tasks, including adds/moves/changes, or custom programming of any advanced features.

DIY Phone System Programming & Maintenance

Training is Available

Do it yourself (DIY). If you have moderately competent technical staff, you can manage your entire hosted PBX and local phones directly. Self-service programming of phones and hosted PBX functionality is always open and available if you're willing and able. Contact us for training or more information.