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Nevada VoIP

All-Inclusive Features With Unified Communications

All-Inclusive Advanced Features

Digital VoIP phone service features the highest call quality with unlimited minutes and all-inclusive advanced features like voicemail, caller-ID, music on hold and unlimited video conferencing with screen sharing. Automated Attendant Menus.

Each user in your organization gets their own DID telephone number and phone line - providing plenty of calling capacity for any size organization.

Unified Communications Included

Multi-User Business phone service includes a feature-rich Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform suitable for any small, medium, or large business. UCaaS enhances and improves intra-company and external communications by providing unlimited video conferencing with screen sharing, group collaboration (similar to Slack or Teams), with Outlook or Google contacts integration and advanced telephony controls.

There are a number of VoIP telephones that work great with our service.
The Grandstream WP820 is a portable handheld VoIP telephone that works over 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi.

775.FYI is Nonprofit Friendly!

Need a Plan? Need Phones?

Local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations -
get a brand new desk phone every 5 years!

Click on Program Details, or Call 775-505-3123 for more information!

Small Business VoIP Start-Up Bundle: $25/mo

Use your existing personal cell phone safely & securely for business with our softphone App!

Save $2/mo with our popular Start-Up Bundle!


Single Line VoIP Service: $19/mo

Included Features

Optional Service Add-ons 

Advanced Telephony & Fax Solutions

Call Center for Business

Operating a Call Center has never been easier or more cost-effective. Calls can be distributed to Agents who are logged into a queue and available to take a call. Our Call Center Dashboard gives you visibility into queues, agent status and call/queue statistics. The Dashboard is fully integrated into the BOOMEA Unified Communications platform.


Already have an on-site PBX for your business? Switch to our PBX SIP Trunking and save. Each trunk comes with Unlimited Minutes, DID phone number, caller-ID and E911 registration.

Fax-Email Box

Eliminate the costly expense of maintaining a fax machine and all the paper it consumes! Our convenient fax-to-email routes an inbound fax straight to your email as a .PDF attachment. The email-to-fax allows you to send common PC formatted attachments outbound via email that are delivered to a fax machine on the other end.

Fax Machine (ATA/HTTPS) Unlimited

Use your existing fax machine connected through an ATA adapter to send & receive unlimited faxes securely via HTTPS (encrypted for HIPPA compliance). Requires Additional Phone Number.

VoIP Phones & Devices

Any VoIP Device

Most any VoIP device is supported
The Grandstream GXP1625 is one of the best, low-cost, entry level VoIP telephones you will find under $34.
The Grandstream GXP2160 boasts a color screen and has plenty of programmable speed-dial & function buttons.

VoIP Telephones & Devices

Check out our recommended VoIP Phones & Devices for various desk, wall & wireless phones and other VoIP devices to suite your needs. You are free to choose whatever VoIP phone suites your needs.

Free Mobile SoftPhone

Like many businesses, you probably pay a lot of money every month for your employees to carry a cell phone for work. Nearly all of these employees probably already have a personal smartphone and are thus burdened to carry two mobile phones - one for work and one for home.

Our free Nimbus SoftPhone App can save you hundreds of dollars every month and make work communications more convenient for your employees!

Running as an App on an employee's personal Android or iPhone smartphone (or tablet), Nimbus keeps the employee's business phone service completely separate from their personal cell service. As the business owner, you remain in complete control while improving the life-work balance of your most valuable employees!

Free Mobile SoftPhone

Business phone mobility on your SmartPhone or Tablet

Unified Communications (UC)

Web Meetings

Unlimited Video Conferencing

Included for free with home phone service, BOOMEA provides video conferencing via web meetings with optional screen sharing with anyone in the world. Use your Internet browser or the native BOOMEA application running on your desktop or laptop computer.

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