Plans & Rates

VoIP Phone Service
Per user, per month. 

Basic Service


One Device
One Line
One Number
Unlimited Calling
See Included Features, below.

Full Service
with SMS


Four Devices
One Line
One Number
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited SMS
See Included Features, below.

Two Line Service
with SMS


Four Devices
Two Lines*
One Number
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited SMS
Call Waiting
3-way Calling
Call Forwarding
Music on Hold
Autodated Attendant
See Included Features, below.

*Two (2) phone lines =
2 simultaneous calls
3-way calling
call forwarding.

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations:
Discounts starting at 5%!

Free technical support; onsite in limited service areas.

Choice of VoIP Telephone Devices

Starting at ~$55

Desk, wall, or cordless phone. Uses wired Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet, or WiFi or DECT for cordless operation.

Soft Phone

NimbusPhone App for iOS or Android uses a WiFi or cellular data connection on a user's personal mobile phone.

Web Phone

Use Web Phone in the UC App or from a computer web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, others. Click-to-call.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Already have a VoIP-capable device? It is likely compatible with our service. Contact us!

Included Features and Optional Services

Included Features

per month

Optional Service Add-Ons

per month

$10 Additional Phone Line (Trunk)
$2 Additional Telephone Number
$6 Additional Voicemail Box (incl. Virtual Extension)
$3 Virtual Extension

Fax Services

per month

$5   Fax-to-Email (receive only, +5¢/pg)
$10 Fax-to-Email (send & receive, +5¢/pg)
$20 Fax Machine Line (requires ATA device)

Toll Free Services

per month

$5   Toll Free Telephone Number
5¢   Toll Free Usage (per-minute)

Other Services

per month

$6    New Telephone Number (one-time, per number)
$25  Telephone Number Porting (one time, per number)
$9    Call Center for Business (per seat)
$20 SIP Trunk for PBX (incl. unlimited calling)

Business SMS: 10DLC Campaigns

per month

$3    Low-Volume Campaign
$20 High Volume Campaign
$10 Campaign Registration (one time, per campaign)

Problem Solving Solutions

Landline Replacement
for Copper Lines

People have relied on copper "landline" telephone service for decades. Today, landlines are becoming increasingly expensive and in many locations are obsolete. VoIP telephone service is an excellent choice to replace an old copper landline. 

VoIP uses your Internet connection to make & receive calls. You can even choose to use a computer web phone, an app on your existing mobile device, or a standard desk, wall mount, WiFi or DECT cordless phone.

2nd Line / 2nd Number
for Cell Phones

Get a new 775, 702, 725 or other area code number, or bring your own.

The NimbusPhone App is the ultimate solution for on-the-go professionals, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors or anyone needing a 2nd telephone line and second telephone number.

  • Your 2nd line & 2nd number are sepereate from your existing cell service.
  • Get a new number from any area code available, or bring your own.
  • Runs as an App on your existing Android or iOS (Apple) mobile device.
  • Excellent call quality using WiFi or Cellular LTE/5G data connections on your mobile device.
  • Unlimited local & long distance calling minutes wiht Voicemail included.
  • Custom Calller-ID shows "WHATEVER U WANT" when making calls.
  • SMS text messaging available within the NimbusPhone App.
  • Web Texting portal available for SMS so you can text using your computer.

10DLC Campaigns for
Business SMS

10DLC = 10 Digit Long Code = Business SMS!

The Campaing Registry (TCR) serves as the centralized hub to register your brand, along with the SMS campaigns linked to your brand. This enables brand messaging across multiple service providers within the 10DLC ecosystem.

In a nutshell, a registered campaign is far more likely to have messages reach recipients without being flagged as spam - as long as you follow a few simple rules and get registered.

Contact us for more information, we're here to help.

Technology Refresh for 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations

Desk Phones only $4/mo

Need a plan?  Need telephones?  With our optional 5-year technology refresh program, your organization receives all of the same features & benefits of our Business Phone Service, plus:

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations discounted VoIP Phone Services:
1-4 users 5%
5-9 users 10%
10+ users 15%